Investment Management

Eram Capital identifies unique global special situations opportunities sourced through its proprietary channels. Eram focuses on high-return investment in public and private companies in key sectors that are being driven by globally-oriented demographic factors: energy consumption, population growth, urbanization, food consumption and globalization. Eram co-invests alongside its partners to achieve alignment of interests for the long-term. Investments are made directly in the company or project capital structure or via portfolio and managed account structures.

Eram Capital manages investments through a variety of risk and performance criteria established with our co-investors with the target of achieving a successful monetization of the investments. Monetizations may include partnering with other co-investors, achieving a partial or complete trade sale or issuance of securities in the capital markets.

Investment Activities

  • Identification and structuring of investment opportunities
  • Structuring of managed accounts and private investment vehicles
  • Allocation and management of investor capital
  • Strategic monetization and commercial development of portfolio companies