Eram Capital partners with small to medium size private and public companies operating in the agricultural sector in South America, North America, Africa, Europe, and South Asia. Eram develops opportunities for partnership and investment with companies who have expertise and growth prospects in the following industries:

  • Dairy and milk products
  • Industrial grains: wheat, barley, etc
  • Poultry, beef, and fish farm operations
  • Forestry operations
  • Agrochemicals, equipment, and logistics

Eram believes in the global trend toward greater investment in the agricultural sector for financial and strategic reasons. Our investor partners believe in the global demographic factors stimulating this growth, governed largely by:

  • Increased energy and water resource demand for non-agricultural activities which is restraining supply in the agricultural sector.
  • Decrease in land available for certain large-scale agricultural activities due to population growth, land prices for real estate development, and government restrictions.
  • Increase in food and basic materials consumption driven by global economic growth and global population growth in developed and developing countries.

Eram Capital has unique access to strategic and financial investors globally who have an abundance of capital resources and understand the global demographic trends driving the agricultural sector.

Eram and its investor partners have a long history of agricultural sector experience in key geographies around the world.

Eram and its investor partners can provide development capital, growth capital for companies and projects for foreign expansion and can facilitate commercial partnerships in the MENA region.