Evaluation Criteria

Eram Capital focuses on special situations opportunities defined as those opportunities offering unique investment return potential with atypical risk characteristics. The scope of our screening process is not limited to a narrow definition and may include restructuring opportunities, growth capital situations, complex structure investments, or early stage development projects.

Eram Capital works closely with potential companies and identifies investment opportunities that are synergistic to both the companies and our investor partners. We base this determination on a number of fundamental bottoms-up factors which complement our assessment of the opportunity alongside the strategic factors. Our key evaluation criteria of the company, project, or sponsored portfolio investment are:

  • Management performance, integrity and governance
  • Past and projected financial performance
  • Supporting macro economic growth factors
  • Risk / return profile and transparency of the investment structure
  • Liquidity of the investment with emphasis on exit strategies

Eram Capital and its investor partners focus on companies and projects, either directly or via portfolio investments through sponsors, which can deliver unique return performance with acceptable and manageable levels of risk.